About Us

Maverick Manufacturing & Filters, established in 1991, is a modern manufacturing facility. We are located in Amarillo, Texas. We have been in business for over 25 years. We design and build state of the art filter winding machines. We use laser cut frames and precision machined components. They are 100% assembled in our plant in Amarillo. These machines were designed and made by our President, Mr. David Hodnik. David has his degree in Engineering and has been doing this kind of work and specialization for over 35 years.

Our machinery can produce continuous wound filters superior in quality and performance to the filters that are currently being produced by other machinery or refurbished textile equipment. The filters produced by our machinery are continuous string wound filter elements that measure 4.5” to 72.5” in length. They can be any size micron and any size diameter up to 4.5”. These machines give you the ability to provide the highest quality, best availability and cost.

Our machinery is designed for ease of set up and length changes in mind, requiring no more than 5 minutes to set up. Less time for setups is MORE TIME for production. These machines are designed to last a life time.

We have equipment all over the world and we will continue and strive for perfection and leadership in the filter industry.

We care about the water shortage and other pollution issues that plague our world. We want to provide quality USA made filter winding machinery that can produce a filter that can do many different liquid filtration applications to help clean up our world “One Filter at A Time”.

These filters are also used in many different liquid applications such as:

Our machinery produce filters using various cores and filter media. These filters are used in many, many different types of applications.

These machines are designed for ease of setup and length changes in mind, requiring no more than 5 minutes set up time.

Less time for setups is MORE time for production.