Maverick M310 Filter Winder

The M310 filter winding machine is ideal for manufacturing continuous, yarn or string, wound filters. This is a popular three spindle model for producing high quality filters and where limited production volume is not an issue.


The M310 is capable of producing filters:
4.5” – 10.25” in length
1.5” – 5.5” diameter
Micron ratings of .5 to 200
Three spindle machine / 120 pcs/hr. 10”L
Each spindle is set up and runs independently from one another.
I.E. : All three spindles can be set to run the same type of filters or all different lengths and microns if so desired.
Ninety second typical cycle time per 10” length
Single or three phase electric power
No air supply required
Machine frames and components, laser cut steel and other materials
All Filter Winding Machines are Made in Amarillo, Texas, U.S.A.


L72” x W42” x H48”
Shipping weight 610 lbs.