• Sale of State-of-the-Art Continuous Wound Filter Winding Machines
  • Start Up Assistance for New Customers
  • Include Raw Materials List for Filter Production
  • Train on Machinery on Sight or at our location.
  • Continued Technical Assistance For New and Existing Customers
  • Custom Machines Built to Order
  • Produce Custom Specialty Filters to Customer Specifications
  • Private Labeling Upon Request

We provide you with state-of-the-art, continuous wound filter winding machinery. These machines will produce the highest quality filters, with YOU being the manufacturer. Our state of the art machines are built with the highest standards, with USA-made products. Built at our plant in Amarillo, Texas. Texas-Made means quality.

We will provide start up assistance for all customers, upon request. We can help with all aspects of the filter winding industry for filter production. Raw materials, such as yarn and core suppliers’ information, is provided. We recommend only the best suppliers for the highest quality end result in produced filters. Micron and filter pattern expertise available.

Training is provided at our location on the machinery that you order. Technical assistance is provided at no cost for the life of the machinery.

Special machinery needs can be provided should you need a special wiring or a special need for any piece of equipment ordered. We can produce custom machinery made to order. We have a complete machine shop ready to help with custom machinery needs. Your machinery can be built to order.

Private labeling is available upon request. We can also powder coat your machinery in the color that you desire.

We always provide service after the sale.


Precision Fabrication

Maverick Manufacturing & Filters offers an expert machine shop for many different types of fabrication needs. We also offer machining, welding, and other custom work. Our team is experienced in providing custom designs and mechanical, programmable, electro-mechanical, and pneumatic controlled metal fabrication that meets our customer’s specifications. We can also help design a custom tool or part for specialized use.

At Maverick Manufacturing & Filters, we work with many different types of materials, including various metals, steel, wood, and plastics. We have access to water jet, laser, and plasma cutting machines for precision fabrication. We can also paint or powder coat to specification. We specialize in original or older parts that are obsolete or not readily available.

With over 25 years of experiences, professional service, and our specialized equipment we can provide you with the best fabrication that will meet all of your needs. Contact Us by email or call us at 1(806) 383-3833 to learn more about our fabrication services today.